happy birthday beautiful one. all my love to you. <3 <3 <3 —by amaalsdrifting

sending you tight hugs you sweet, fierce spirit. Thank you so much lovely Amaal <3

Happy birthdayy —by sumayau

Thank you so much beauty <3 <3

sending you love.

For this new year of life I have been given, I wish to never waste the blessing of breath, to remember that this is not a trial run but the real thing and to carry myself accordingly. I wish to be kinder to and less critical of myself and thus kinder to everyone in my life. I wish to remember that every step I have taken thus far has brought me exactly where was supposed to have been. I wish to give myself permission to return to things I am not finished with. To let go of pride. To end this lifelong burden of living timidly and finally step into the world with my two good feet. I wish to stop dipping my big toe in the water. I wish to speak from the diaphragm. To be impeccable with my word. I wish to walk as if I have seen some things and conquered some things because I have. I wish to heal and be healed. To help and be helped. I wish to be loved and live love. I wish to never spend another birthday downplaying the miracle of having been born. Of having survived for this long. I wish to celebrate my existence. To live life in praise. To let go of that which no longer serves me and move faithfully in the direction of everything which moves my spirit into song.

my whole entire heart is not big enough

Alexandria Drzewiecki

Yesterday was filled with magic.

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urrrthchile sent me this gift today,


I never posted these photos from the waterfalls, but today I’m feeling a bit of longing… like this summer was a life all it’s own and I can’t even believe it was mine.

I want to feel this free again.


—Audre Lorde (via mokiiko)